Are you tired of trucking companies promising you the moon and sticking you in Uranus?


Net Savings Between $8,000- $12,000 per year.


No Escrow or Bond Account or Up-Front Monies.


• No Cost Leasing and No Cost orientation.


• No Cost Liability and Cargo Coverages.


• No Cost Financing for Truck Base Plates.


• No Cost Charge-Backs or Quarterly Fuel and Mileage Taxes.


• No Charge-Backs for Occupational Accident Coverage. 


• Fuel Discounts up to 12%.


• Authorized Passenger Coverage for $4.50 per week.


• Unlimited Trip Pak Usage for $30.00 per month.


• Truck Permits and Transporter Plates for $50.00 per year.


•Immediate Access to Customizable Insurance Plans Including Health, Disability, Dental & Vision, and more.




Gross Earnings $180,000- $210,000 per year.


• 72% Line Haul for Single Driver.


• 75% Line Haul for Team Drivers.


• 100% of Fuel Surcharge.


• 100% Accessorial Pay.


• Deadhead Pay.


• 50% Trip Advance.


• Safety Performance Bonus.


• Individual Pre- Trip Load Sheet Itemizing Trip Pay.


• Individual Post- Trip Pay Sheets Itemizing Trip Pay.


• Same Day Pay.






At R & R Express, Inc. we recognize Owner Operators as our customers too. Our Owner Operator Package

includes a list of benefits such as Great Pay.. Fast Pay, No Fuel Tax charge backs, Occupational Accident Coverage at our expense, Passenger Coverage, and Safety Performance Bonus. We know you work hard and want to make sure you have the advantage! At R & R Express, Inc. you are not a number!  We know our drivers by name! 


• Be 25 years old or older.


• Have 3 years verifiable over the road driving           experience in the last 4-5 years.


• Have a current D.O.T. physical.


• Have a tractor that can pass D.O.T. inspection.


• Have or be willing to purchase a headache rack, chains, binders, and 4" straps.


• Have bobtail (physical damage) coverage.


• Have electronic communications (cell phone).


• Run 48 states 3-4 weeks at a time.



Dick H.- R & R Owner Operator 1yr
Joel D. R&R Owner Operator  15 yrs

Joel D. R&R Owner Operator  15 yrs

Dick H.- R & R Owner Operator 1yr


“The staff at R & R Express in Elkhart Indiana go out of their way to take care of us. They give us TOTAL RESPECT, drop and hook loads, no tarping, no oversized loads, and no yelling. Each phone call ends with them asking, " Is there anything else we can do for you?” WOW!!! R & R sends us Birthday Cards and Anniversary Cards showing they REALLY care!

They are AMAZING! This is a big

difference from the other carriers we have worked for! WE LOVE IT!!"


“Unlike other trucking companies,

R & R Express sends us a Load Sheet prior to picking up the load itemizing the load information and pay. Once it is delivered, we get a Load Pay Sheet showing us the load pay. Since I pay for my IRP plate, I only have one deduction per month for $30.00 for Trip Pak Fee.

I  know how much money I make because there are no other deductions. It is a clean honest system.. no problems..No B.S."


“R & R Express provides a terrific safety net for Owner Operators! Good loads, good pay, and fair treatment of the drivers. They have our backs! The last company I will ever work with! R & R Express is that good!!"

Kevin and Cindy K.- R & R Express Owner Operators

Kern S.- R & R Express Owner Operator

Glen R.- R & R Express Owner Operator